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Some recent spotlighting finds

November 8th, 2011

Well, great to be back to the old ways of adding posts to this blog. I’ve tried to get out spotlighting as much as possible in the past two or so months, since spotlighting, night photography, is what I really love doing. A few different outings resulted in a mixed bag of critters and while nothing really new caught my eye, it was great to see the usual suspects doing what they do best, that is; be nocturnal animals in their habitat.

Eastern Barn Owl, 1DMkIIn, 500/4L, ISO400, f/8, 1/60th, flash, hand held, full frame

Eastern Barn Owl, 1DMkIIn, 500/4L + 1.4x, ISO400, f/8, 1/60th, flash, hand held

Many of my outings were in the Cattai area, some on private property, lucky I am privileged to know some land holders in different locations. Once they see a few images from those areas, they are more than happy to allow me access with a simple courtesy phone call.

Hope you enjoy these humble images. 🙂

Common Brushtail Possum, 1DMkIIn, 500/4L + 2x, ISO400, f/10, 1/60th, flash and tripod used

Yellow-bellied Glider, 1DMkIIn, 500/4L + 1.4x, ISO400, f/8, 1/100th, flash and tripod

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