June 26th, 2013


My name is Ákos Lumnitzer. I was born in Hungary a few years ago and moved to Australia in 1985. My name actually means “White Falcon” believe it or not! Read about my name here (name #5): And I find the meaning rather appropriate. As for pronouncing it, well, it is really not all that hard once you know.

I am totally enchanted by birds of prey. They are my favorite study (for my own knowledge) and photography subject. If I am not out chasing birds of prey, will most likely find me deep in a swamp photographing waterbirds or atop a rocky mountain seeking out elapid snakes and other reptiles. Although, you may also find me alone at night in some remote forest where I look for the elusive and incredible fauna that Australia is so extremely fortunate to call its own. In fact, nocturnal solitude in the bowels of a forest is my most favourite place to be.

However, in between the photography outings there has to be some sort of reality and earn a living somehow. Nothing is more important to me than my little family. My wonderful wife, who is currently undertaking full time veterinary science studies at Sydney Uni, my five wonderful cats, three gorgeous dogs and an old horse called Buddy. And on top of that we try to help injured wildlife through WIRES and foster dumped cats with our friends from Cat Rescue.  So my life is busy and I love it. But once I am free to be outdoors, my calling is mother nature and her creatures. This blog is to share my love and passion with anyone mad enough to read my humble ramblings.


Feel free to visit my personal website A MATTER OF LIGHT

Best regards and wish you wonderful light for your photographic journey





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