About Ákos - Ákos Lumnitzer

About Ákos

Ákos Lumnitzer is one of Australia’s premier bird photographers. He began his photographic journey underwater in the mid-1990s, and he discovered a new species of seahorse-like fish via this hobby.

His focus shifted topside in the mid- 2000s, when he moved away from the ocean. He became obsessed with learning about birds and quickly he found himself immersed in the world of raptors and owls; two of his most favourite subjects. Ákos’ knowledge of raptors is ever increasing and he loves learning about the subjects as much, if not more, than photographing them.

When a photographic challenge presents itself, he jumps in head first. Whether crawling through snakeinfested swamps or laying on the edge of a 200-meter drop-off, he takes his passion very seriously. His captivating images are made with love and respect for the natural world.

Ákos enjoys sharing his expertise with fellow photographers who are keen to learn and engage in this wonderful pastime. He runs photography seminars and workshops to help others achieve their photographic aspirations, while at the same time he admits, that he is learning new things all the time.